Hello there! My name is Emerson Eller.

I'm a brazilian graphic designer, researcher, teacher, and above all  I'm a letterform enthusiast. Currently living in Lisbon.

What I do

I work as freelancer, especially with exhibition design, editorial design, corporate identity, and with another projects involving lettering or typography. I also spend my time with personal projects such as type design, letterpress, calligraphy, illustration, and with other print projects.
After getting my master degree in Brazil I moved to Lisbon to continue my studies and to run a research regarding the early printing in Brazil and its relation with Portugal during 18th and 19th centuries.
Since September 2015 I’ve been teaching technics and technologies focused in editorial design and typography in the Master Programme MPTEC at Faculty of Fine Arts – University of Lisbon.

Education & Research

§ EcTd – Expert class Type Design – Plantin Institute of Typography, Museum Plantin-Moretus, Antwerp, Belgium. (2018– in progress)
§ TDi – Type Design intensive course – University of Reading, UK. (2016)
§ PhD in Fine Arts – Faculty of Fine Arts – University of Lisbon (FBAUL), Portugal. (2015– in progress)
§ Master degree in Design – School of Design at Universidade do Estado de Minas Gerais (UEMG), Brazil. (2012-2014)
↪ The master thesis I’ve done here was selected as finalist in Museu da Casa Brasileira Award. The thesis is available here.
§ Bachelor degree in Graphic Design – Universidade de Franca, São Paulo, Brazil. (2004-2007)

A bit of work

Grupo Grafia

Contact me 

 eller.emerson@gmail.com
↪ Do you want a collaboration? Please drop me a message.
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